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About Sugar & Satin

The birth of Sugar & Satin in its essence outlines exactly how I was raised. I grew up with a father who would do anything to provide for his family, including starting up several small businesses. From local grocery runs for elderly customers that he met while delivering pizzas to selling firewood out of the back of his El Camino to starting a lawn care service with a weed-wacker, a lawnmower, and a business card.


My father showed me that you've got to strive to create the world around you. You can and will make it. Just apply creative effort to the natural survival skills we already have and watch how far you’ll take yourself. In the end my father left me much more in value than he could in legacy and for that I’ll always be thankful.


Against the odds and with the right tools, knowledge, drive, and attitude, I decided to open Sugar & Satin. A place where you can take ease in your shopping experience and know the heart and soul behind it. Sweet and smooth.


With that, I give you an honest hard working online store where you’ll find fashionable and affordable clothing for every size, every season, and every occasion.


-Rebecca Kelly

Owner of Sugar & Satin